Shovel Spoon(2PCS)
Shovel Spoon(2PCS)
Shovel Spoon(2PCS)
Shovel Spoon(2PCS)
Shovel Spoon(2PCS)

Shovel Spoon(2PCS)

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🥄Enjoy every bit of your frozen dessert using these ice cream shovel spoons! 🥄
These spoons are constructed with easy-to-hold elegant handles and 2 different shovel-like shape tips! Perfect for digging into a rock-hard pint of ice cream and scooping it up without the spoons bending! What’s more? It also allows you to scrape and reach every corner of your cup or bowl more efficiently. Suitable for eating and stirring drinks like coffee, shakes, yogurt, fruits, pudding, cakes, jelly, soup, lemonade and so on! 
The spoons are light and well-balanced so you can effortlessly use it without straining your hands. Each spoon is designed with smooth, finished edges to avoid cuts and any injuries. Making it safe to be put inside the mouth! Additionally, it creates a mirror-like shine, looking like real expensive utensils. Ideal for cafes, fine dining restaurants, dessert shops, formal events and more.
🥄Eat all your favorite treats with ease using these exquisite shovel spoons! 🥄


  • Unique Shovel Spoons🍨
    A set of creative shovel spoons that comes with a square edge design and pointed design. Perfect for gently scooping up your favorite ice cold treat, and sturdy enough to dig through even the thickest gelato without bending. Each spoon can also scrape across the bottom, reaching every corner of your cup like a real shovel! Allowing you to savour every sweetness and get every drop of melted pools of ice cream!

  • Ergonomic Design🍨
    Engineered with an easy-to-hold handle that fits comfortably in your hands and an ideal sized bite tip. The spoons are light and well balanced so you’ll be able to carry and control it effortlessly! Additionally, it features a triangular hole at the end of the handle, allowing you to store it without taking up too much space!

  • Smooth Polished🍨
    These expensive looking spoons are so well polished that it creates a mirror-like shine! Each spoon is designed with an all smooth edge to prevent cuts or any injuries from your lips, tongue or gums! Making it safe to be put inside the mouth. Perfect to use in home, cafes, fine dining restaurants, and any dessert shops!
  • Wide application🍨
    The shovel spoons are not only for scooping and eating up ice cream! It is also suitable for yogurt, fruits, pudding, cakes, jelly, soup, creamy treats, snacks and so on! What’s more? You can also use it for stirring up drinks such as milkshakes, coffee, tea, lemonades, milk and more possibilities.

  • Premium Quality🍨
    Made of high-quality, food-grade stainless steel, designed with a shovel-like shape tip and elegant high-end handles. The spoons have great corrosion-resistance and are also thick and durable. It is completely safe and can be cleaned easily through water and soap!

  • Material: 304 Stainless steel
  • Size: 15.5 x 3.3cm


  • 1 x Pointed spoon
  • 1 x Square spoon